Erin Is Next To Me In 3rd Period

September 26, 2011 § 9 Comments

I’m at school and I am freaking. Out.  Like a lot. The ninja in my belly is having a feild day. With his knives and such.

I can’t find my pencil box. I left it somewhere in my 1st period class and when i went back to get it, it was gone. meaning someone has it. Meaning GAAAAH. The has my grapfing calculator in it, my pencils in it, my freaking Sharpie pens that I Love More Than God, and my yearbook pass. And someone has taken it and GAAAAHHH.

((I have found that people don’t like it when I’m stressed. It’s cos I freak out a lot and inturupt my thoughts with random screaming. Deal with it. also sometimes when I’m stressed, i forget to use capatalazation and spelling. But really, who needs that stuff anyway. Definitly not *writers* or any thing.))

I did make a list of goals and things that will make me a better person because of this. Making lists calm me down don’t you know. I wrote things like, talk to more people, run around the marsh in endless circles, eat less junk food and more *not* junk food, express emotions, yada yada, and such and such.

More people should read this. I’m funny. *wink, wink, thanks Kade for being the only stable participant.* But yeah. That’s it for now.

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