A Day of Sickness

September 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sooo… Revamped the site. Eh? Eeeeeeh?

I have a cold which is quite gross. I dodn’t enjoy being sick, or blowing my nose, or having ahc-y joints, or being extremly tired. it’s not as fun as it doesn’t seem. ((I say doesn’t because it doesn’t seems fun at all. yeah.) I do however like Wheezy Waiter and Say Anything andSay Anything and Melinda Merchetta’s The Piper’s Son which I have spent the day watching-slash-listening to-slash-reading.

You say nerd, I say victorious.

Also the entrie day I have been wearing my black tie over my over sized grey sweater which makes me feels cozy and also classy at the same time.  And I don’t even look *that* ridiculous. I mean, not *thaaaat* ridiculous. Teeheee.

But now, although my nose is still stuffed and my joints still ache I feel a bit better. As in I have more energy and a bit of a sense of humor. Earlier my sense of humor consisted of me crying and drawing a picture of a girl with strangley shapped lips. *When i feel bad about myself, i can always draw people that would feel worse about themselves.*

AND ALSO: If you happen to want get me a birthday present for the birthday of mine that will be happening in a couple of months then you should probably go to the DFTBA site and buy me a tshirt. Or an album. I want them all.


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