Sad Day

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I went to the fair. I went to the place they could make Airbrushed t-shirts. I was going to get one that said DFTBA and it was going to be boss. But then I didn’t have enough money. And I was sad.

((The fair altogether was very fun however, and no I am very tired. But it was worth it.))

I got text message. It was The End, my favorite Alternitive radio Station. R.E.M. broke up. Yesterday. And no one told me.

((I can’t get over that one because they are like… my childhood and my ipod and my love and uhhhg. Now they’re not a band. They’re just some dudes that used to be in a band.))

When ever I try to go on WWaW  no ones on. :// Nevermind, someones on now. :}}

I have homework that I don’t want to do. Yuck. Also i got up early to do that homework and I still haven’t done much.

And on top of everything my writes block is back. i tought this blog would help. it’s not really.

So now there is a ninja in my belly. And he is not happy. And I am sad. But eh. I found a new writing website that makes me happy. 🙂



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