My Where I’m From Poem and An Announcement.

September 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

((Yeah, I did have to write this poem for English Class today. Does it mean that i don’t love it? No. Although I will say that this assignment was just an easier version of Ms. Nixon’s in6th grade. ))

Where I’m From

I am from a broken clothes line,
from Uno bars and blue rock mosaics.
I am from the grey house—now brown
smelling of weed killer
in the fenced back garden.
I am from the corn stocks in October,
the blood pricks on my finger
from rose thrones, rose red.

I am from the giving tree and ski-bump noses
(though I don’t have one)
from Anne’s paintings and Bob’s rifles.
I’m from pink flamingos in island house yards.
From this-and-that and here-and-there.
I’m from saying prayers
at the foot of my bed
following suit of a porcelain girl
tacked onto my wall.

I’m from ferry lines in November,
from pasta three times in one week.
From the stories told by Aunt Sally,
her version different from everyone else,
the songs Julia’s piano laments,
louder than life, just like the singer.

I’m from new picture frames
incasing old faces
with hand me down names.
From books and books and dictionaries.
I’m from the dust in the air,
the dust on the wood,
the wood on the selves
that holds these things together.

And then the announcement.
I MADE A PHOTO BUCKET. I kind of hate photo bucket, but I want a place to post more artistic pictures than my FaceBook shots. There’s nothing up yet, but there will be *very* soon, because they are being loaded right now. They are taking an extremely long time to load though which is one of the many reasons I HATE PHOTO BUCKET.

If someone knows of a better photography sharing website that isn’t like Facebook, please let me know. Because I hate photo bucket. My account however, is ImNotARobot14 You know. If you wanna *cough cough* seesomereallyfantasticpicturesofmeandBry.


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§ 3 Responses to My Where I’m From Poem and An Announcement.

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